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Shot Show 2017

Tactical TW35RGM


The tactical unmagnified sight with 5 M.O.A. dot reticle patterns available in red or green, you can tailor the color and pattern to the situation and your preference. The fully coated optics provides clear viewing for fast target acquisition.

This tactical sight has been designed to be the perfect sight for any hunter. This sight is great for deer, bow and turkey hunting, is waterproof, shockproof and fogproof, making it the perfect sight for any hunting environment.

The aluminum body features windage and elevation turrets, so adjustments can be made by hand. With ¼ MOA per click shot correction, fine adjustments are simple to make. An 11-position rheostat offers brightness control for all lighting conditions. Ready to mount, this amazing holographic sight comes in clamshell packaging.

On Sale, Rifle Scopes, Lasers and Optics for, hunting, sport and target shooting.

BSA Sport & Recreational Optics is managed by hunters. So we know how important it is to have a scope that you can trust. You rely on your scope to deliver the best accuracy possible. We’re offering a complete range of optical products to ensure your outdoor hunting and sport shooting experience is ultimate. All our scopes are manufactured with advanced technology to provide the maximum brightness, performance, durability and accuracy.

You will find BSA products suitable for the ultimate outdoorsman and hunter as well as new recreational enthusiasts who are seeking their own adventure. If you are interested in outdoors, hunting, shooting, optics, scopes, rifle scopes, tactical scopes spotting scopes or lasers you have come to the right place.

Our products will not disappoint!!, be it low light shooting, long range hunting, day and night shooting, pest control, varmint hunting, or big game hunting!

CATSEYE™ Rifle Scopes - "See Your Target in a Whole New Light"

The BSA CATSEYE™ was created to help hunters see game better when it gets hard to see. The ocular lens was made with a larger diameter than most scopes, helping to create a generous (4" to 5") eye relief and a larger exit pupil that allows your eye to receive a greater amount of light. This greatly reduces eye strain and fatigue making these scopes one of the most comfortable scopes to look through.

Camera quality glass was used to give you a clear and undistorted image. The NEW CATSEYE™ Scopes have an integrated slanted “hood” on the objective, functioning as a built in sun shade.

Stealth Tactical Scopes - "The Technology Needed To Complete Your Mission"

BSA Stealth Series Scopes is a purpose built line of professional optics specially designed to perform under severe conditions in defense or civilian use. The tactical riflescopes incorporate the revolutionary new Push/Pull quick set Turret System and Twist Cap protective lens shutter system. Stealth Scopes are incomparable to any scope on the market. Fog proof, waterproof and shockproof Xtreme Climate Protection™ is a standard on the Stealth Series Scopes. New, state of the art construction with Brightview™ Optical treatments assure superior sharpness and resolution in all light conditions. All BSA Stealth Tactical products are backed by our lifetime guarantee.


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