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Stealth Tactical™ Scopes
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Stealth Tactical™ Scopes

These Stealth Tactical™ Series scopes are incorporated with the revolutionary brand-new Turret push/pull system. These Stealth scope is incomparable to any scope on the market. The patent all weather rugged system is an effortless and fast way to zero your scope.

With a simple turn of the objective lens the new design has the ability to control image brightness, with Brightview™ flawless anti-reflective multi-coated technology.

The large adjustment knob offers further advanced technology for pin point accuracy. With its fresh design and distinctive features it is a necessity for the serious shooter. Fogproof, waterproof and shockproof Xtreme Climate Protection™ is a standard on the Stealth Series Scopes. The STS scopes also feature the Patented sunshade assembly.

[Item# STS416X44IR]
Side wheel adjustment with Brightview ™ technology to eliminate unwanted reflections. An Illuminated 4 to 16 power 44mm objective New Stealth series scope. Integrated with the latest turret push/pull system, Twist Cap™ lens chutter system and Illuminated Mil-dot reticle. button
[Item# STS832X44]
Original modern designStealth Tactial with Brightview™ optimal image sharpness, a 8 to 32 power 44mm objectable new Stealth Tactical side wheel focus Mil-dot scope. Distinctive push/pull turret system and Twist Cap™ lense shutter system.The scope has Xtreme Climate Protection™ a flawless tactical design that is shockproof, waterproof, shockproof. button