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Spotting Scopes
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Spotting Scopes

Exquisite optical performance, ruggedness and reliability in any field conditions, the New Spectre Spotting Scopes by BSA Optics, are compact and portable, useful under low light conditions, these spotting scopes will give you a brighter, clearer image and the magnification needed to see more details on your target. Our light-gathering capabilities of our new spotting scopes, is based on more light equals more clarity and detail which equals a brighter, clearer image.

The Spectra spotting scope is a portable telescope, optimized for the observation of terrestrial objects. These are designed to bring distant land-based objects closer. Spotting scopes are ideal for viewing wildlife, bird-watching, hunting and land surveillance.

[Item# SP2575X70]
New Spectre Spotting Scope an easy, smooth focus. 25 to 75 power adjustment and a 70 mm objective lens giving you the best measure or brightness. Our spotting scope will help you to get much closer nature. This model has ultimate viewing capability for wildlife. button
[Item# SP2060X60]
The best measure of image brightness available in a spotting scope. Higher magnification to maintain image brightness. A new product armored to enhance durability and quietness. This model has a zoom range of 20 to 60 power and a larger objective bell of 60mm great for doing your birding during the day. button