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Contender™ Scopes
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Contender™ Scopes

The combination of their many features alone, make them a best seller, not counting their appearance and sharpness of their lenses. The Contender™ comes with a 4” sunshade making it a great choice for benchrest, varmint, target, and day time shooting.

[Item# CO312X40SP]
Designed and built to provide the ultimate accuracy, durability, and performance. $189.95 Add to cart
[Item# CO416X40SP]
The Contender's standard reticle has an implemented triangle system. $199.95 Add to cart
[Item# CO624X40SP]
These scopes have high durability and a smooth power setting. $209.95 Add to cart
[Item# COMD416X40RGBGE]
This model features an illuminated RGB (Red, Green, Blue) interchangable reticle. $209.95 Add to cart
[Item# COMD416X40SP]
The mildot reticle Contender can be used for leads on moving targets. $169.95 Add to cart
[Item# COMD624X40RGBGE]
RGB ( red green and blue) Illuminated reticle.
$229.95 Add to cart
[Item# COMD624X40SP]
Rugged optics providing you the edge. $209.95 Add to cart