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Huntsman Scopes
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Huntsman Scopes

The Huntsman "Touch enough for a ten point" series scopes have everything a hunter could wish for. Multicoated lenses that make game appear bright and sharp with less reflection.

A simple and clean design with a non-reflective black matte finish. They are fogproof, waterproof and shockproof. The long eye relief makes it easier to get on target when the game is on the move. With easy to adjust windage and elevation turrets.

The latest editions to the series, the Huntsman RGB™ scopes feature Illuminated center dot technology, with multiple brightness settings of Red, Green, and Blue for precision shot placement in all lighting conditions. (Triple dot RGB™ illumination available only on Item HM39x40RGBD and HM39x50RGBD)

[Item# HM39X40RGBD]
Huntsman 3x9 power magnification fast focus design scope. Featuring RGB® Illuminated Red, Green, and Blue Center-dot. Quick target acquisition under any light conditions. $94.95 Add to cart
[Item# HM39X50RGBD]
A soft grip zoom ring with an easy to adjust turret system. The Huntsman 3x9 power 50mm objective has innovative RGB® a red, green and blue center-dot illumination system. $109.95 Add to cart
[Item# HM312X50]
Compact and rugged optic. button
[Item# HM39X40]
Tough hard working scope. button
[Item# HM39X40TV]
Greatest field of view for moving targets. button
[Item# HM39X44]
Larger objective for great light transmission. button
[Item# HM416X40]
Low profile optic for medium to long range varminting. button
[Item# HM416X40IRGCP]
Light your reticle for clear point of impact. button
[Item# HM4X32DT]
Rugged optics system with a deer /turkey reticle button
[Item# HM618X40]
All around workhorse. button