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Lasers and Lights
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160 Lumen LED Flashlight

The NEW BSA 160 Lumen LED Flashlights delivers a bright white beam that will allow you to light up a target or object from a great distance.

Through innovative engineering the beam is sharper and much brighter than conventional flashlights. Mount your light to a rifle and you have full control of the night.

Includes adjustable railmount and cables with momentary pressure pads that allow you to activate the light with push button ease.


- Output Power: 3W
- Max Lumen Output: 160
- Power Requirement: 6V - 2X CR123A
- Weight: 117g / 3.5oz
- Length: 141mm / 5"
- Bezel Diameter: 1.5"
- Fog Proof
- Water Resistant

- Adjustable Rail Mount
- Momentary Pressure Switch

Online price: Was $119.95 now $79.95