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Lasers and Lights
You are here. Home > Accessories and Spare Parts > Lasers and Lights > STSLLGCP Stealth Tactical Laser and Light

STSLLGCP | Stealth Tactical Green Laser Sight and Flashlight

The brilliant beam of the newly designed Stealth Tactical green laser sight will allow you to find your target faster and more accurately than ever before, while the flashlight illuminates your target in low light or no light. Also includes cables with momentary pressure pads that allow you to activate the laser and flashlight with push button ease.

- Power Requirement: Laser DC3V, Light DC6V
- Windage/Elevation Adjustments
- Range: 5moa at 6.25yds
- Laser Class: 3R
- Output Power: 3-5mW
- Wave Length: 532nm
- Focus Range: 50 yds.
- Tube Diameter 18.9mm

- Hex wrench set
- Instruction manual
- (3) CR123A batteries
- 22 Rail and Weaver Style Base and 1" Scope Mount
- Momentary pressure switch


• Black Matte Finish
• Tube Diameter 18.9mm
• Visible Range: 50 yds (indoor lit)
• Visible Range: 100 yds (outdoor night)
• Dot Size: 11.3mm at 10 yds.
• 1 Year Limited Warranty

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