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Rifle Scopes
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BSA Optics Rifle and Tactical Scopes for hunting and target shooting

BSA Optics is managed by hunters. So we know how important it is to have a scope that you can trust. That's why we want to be able to offer bright, dependable scopes to every type of hunter - from novice to seasoned pro, and still keep them affordable. We have a complete range of models that cover every type of shooting. Take us along with you the next time you go out . You'll like what you see.

17 Supermag Series Scopes
The new scopes were designed specifically for the Winchester 17 Super Mag Cartridge and feature a patent pending drop compensation reticle engineered for the 20gr. and 25gr. bullet.
Deerhunter Scopes
A rugged scope with accuracy that will continue to deliver from season to season.
Essential Air Rifle Scopes
Built to handle the unique reverse recoil of today's magnum spring powered air rifles.
Special Series Scopes
Rimfire and Centerfire Scopes. 6 models to choose with fully coated optics with 1/4 MOA W/E adjustments.
Sweet Series Scopes
This family uses trajectory compensation technology that was originally designed for the military sniper.
Tactical Weapon™ Scopes
Engineered for rapid target acquisition, instinctive and accurate shooting.
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