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Sweet Series Scopes
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Sweet Series Scopes

This family uses trajectory compensation technology that was originally designed for military sniper. However these hot new scopes are catching on Fast with Varmint and Target hunters.

They feature a quick change turret system specially calibrated for multiple grain weights for the calibers: .17HMR, .22LR, .223, .243, .270

[Item# 17312X40AO-01]
Plinking and hunting capabilities. $129.95 Add to cart
[Item# 22-39X40AO]
Crisp and clear target design. $109.95 Add to cart
[Item# S17-312X40-001]
Sweet 17™ scopes are “fast focus” and the standard eye relief on the Sweet 17™ is 4”. $159.95 Add to cart
[Item# S17-312X40RGBGE-01]
Sweet 17™ Scopes are designed for specific bullet weight compensation for .17/17HMR and .20gr $189.95 Add to cart
[Item# S17-618X40SP-001]
The elevation drum will compensate for both .17/17HMR and .20gr. $199.95 Add to cart
[Item# S22-27X32SP-01]
Sweet 22™ Scopes are designed for specific bullet weight
compensation for .36gr., .38gr., and .40gr. ammunition.
$149.95 Add to cart
[Item# S22-39X40SP-001]
Once zeroed at 100 yards you can easily compensate the trajectory of the bullet at any given distance between 100 and 300 yds. $149.95 Add to cart
[Item# S22-618X40SP-01]
Windage turret has an inner drum with markings. Only inner drum turns when adjusted. Outer turret is fixed with a window cutout. $209.95 Add to cart
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