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Tactical Weapon™ Scopes
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Tactical Weapon™ Scopes

The Tactical Weapon™ Series Scopes are engineered specifically for use with tactical style fire arms. These scopes are built
tough to handle the most demanding tasks that one faces in tactical situations. Select TW models feature detachable AR
carry handle mounts and rings.

[Item# TW-14X24W1PMTB-01]
Tactical 1-4X magnification. BDC turrets for .223 and .308 cartridges.
$99.95 Add to cart
[Item# TW-312X40W1PMTB-01]
Tactical 3X to 12X magnification with 40mm objective and one-piece aluminum cantilever mount. BDC turrets for .223 and .308 cartridges.
$119.95 Add to cart
[Item# TW4X30-001]
Engineered for rapid target acquisition, instinctive and accurate shooting. Fixed power tactical weapon rifle scope with mil-dot crosshairs. $69.95 Add to cart
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