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Contender™ Scopes
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Contender 4-16X40 Mildot Rifle Scope

The Contender's clean design and thoughtful innovations make it a tremendous buy for the experienced shooter. The combination of its many shooting features alone, make it a best seller, not counting its appearance and the sharpness of its lenses.



• Waterproof, fog proof and shockproof.

• Sunshade included.

• Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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Magnification 4-16
Obj. Lens Diameter (mm) 40
Exit Pupil Range (mm) 9.9-2.8
Field of View @100 Yds 23-6.3
Optimum Eye Relief (in) 4
Parallax Setting 10 to Inf.
Click Adjustment Value 1/8
Adjustment Range 40-40
Transmission(%) Day/Night
Weight (ounces) 16.95

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REVIEW BY: Brian Wednesday, December 14, 2016
I have one mounted on my 300 Blackout ar-15. It makes a 2 inch group at 100 yards no problem at all. Will be buys more for other builds.
REVIEW BY: Mark H. Sunday, August 25, 2013
I'm very happy with my "Contender". I mounted it on my Savage 11 Hog Hunter 308win. It looks and works great.
REVIEW BY: wrenchturner Sunday, July 07, 2013
Taking a little more time to mount on the CZ due to the 4" eye relief. Looks likes we'll need additional extended bases to move scope forward about an inch more. So far though the scope seems really bright and clear considering the price point they're going for.
REVIEW BY: Eric Sotelo Thursday, December 13, 2012
I just purchased this item and it's going on a Savage .308 Model 11 Hunter XP. It came with a Bushnell 3-9x40 but am going to replace the stock with a Bell & Carlson Medalist Stock. It should get some pretty good MOA's at 100 yards. With this scope I think it may be good for at least 500 yards and beyond.. A good friend has this scope and recommended it. He has a similar setup and it shoots accurately at every yardage. I like the 700+ yard shots as we hit a 13" x 13" x 1" metal target.. Never misses..
REVIEW BY: skinner_grizz Monday, July 23, 2012
ive put this scope on my 17hmr my 22mag amd my 243 rifles and it holds true to zero. now im going to put it on my arisaka 7.7x58 if it holds true to zero ill put a bigger one on the rifle.and use it for long range love it
REVIEW BY: Propknut Monday, May 30, 2011
Pros: Price, clarity, features, locking turrets, warranty. Cons: advertised weight, glow in the dark turret markings, clicks a little mushy, second focal plane mil dot. Currenty on a Savage Mark II 22lr. This is the fourth scope on the rifle and is proving to be my favorite. The optical calrity is excellent at 10 to 12x, this is where I do most of my shooting. At 16x the clarity is still great, just not as good at the lower power settings, also the eye relief is very critical at 16x. The resetable lockable turrets are a great idea, but the glow in the dark markings were not thought out very well. Only the markings in the window get charged so that when you rotate the turret all else is black. My scope weighed in at 23oz, not the 17oz that are advertised. The extra weight is not really an issue for me. I prefer FFP scopes but the price is the killer on those so I just deal with the SFP.
REVIEW BY: tweakedoutgunner Thursday, May 26, 2011
have this scope mounted on my savage 223, i love it, no complaints at all. does everything that i ask of it, thanks BSA....keep it up
REVIEW BY: bsilvaballistics Saturday, May 01, 2010
Excellent product for the price. Its going to take a while to get used to this type of mil dot reticle and the push pull knobs but nothing I can really complain about for the price. I mounted this scope on my m&p15 with the burris extreme tactical rings (size - extra high for ar 15 rifles) and it looks amazing! Great product all the way around.

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