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The BSA Multi-Purpose Sighting Systems are a wonderful light weight sight for close quarter and medium range targets. Light enough for small calibers plicking on the range, yet durable enough for larger calibers used by hunters and law enforcement departments.


• 11 position rheostat.
• 5 MOA.
• 22 style rail 3/8 inch dovetail.
• One Year limited warranty.

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Magnification 1X
Obj. Lens Diameter (mm) 30
Exit Pupil Range (mm) 0
Field of View @100 Yds 68
Optimum Eye Relief (in) UNLIMITED
Parallax Setting 50 yds.
Click Adjustment Value 1/2
Adjustment Range 45 - 45
Transmission(%) Day/Night
Weight (ounces) 5.00

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REVIEW BY: dancruiser Monday, April 28, 2014
I wish I could have had the great experience the other reviewers had, but when i finally got around to using this RD30/22SB the ShadowBlackFinish had deteriorated and was sticky wet like fresh paint. I am baffled I never removed it from the packaging for several years. Now it is virtually useless. Funny thing, the battery that came with it is still good. Let's see what customer service does.
REVIEW BY: James, Steilacoom, WA Monday, February 04, 2013
It is a shame that BSA does not have this available anymore. The photo shown does not reflect the scope shown in the "detail" photo. Two different scopes. I have the one shown under the "red dot" tab, not the "details" tab. The reliable one that I have has seen service on two Crosman pump airguns, a S&W 22A1, and a Benneli 12 guage. Easy to site, easy to use, easy to remove and remount. Note: S&W 22A1 may require a trip to the local hardware store for some longer stainless steel mounting screws and bolts! Excellent for Turkey, home defence, and Target. Good groups, tough scope.
REVIEW BY: bernard Friday, April 01, 2011
small - lightweight - durable - deadly accurate - and fun as well. best money spent for my satisfaction in years. makes my new target pistol look cool as well.
REVIEW BY: Tino`s Friday, March 18, 2011
With my Remington 597 .22 L.R. Only say: get down!!!
REVIEW BY: Thursday, February 11, 2010
i use this scope on a rifle barreled shotgun its great
REVIEW BY: Grant Friday, January 15, 2010
Shot it for 2.5 months at a 25y indoor range using a CZ 452 American in .22lr, eventually I was able to group <1 in with it even standing up. Someday I want to hunt hogs and this might work out pretty well (on a larger rifle, of course!)
REVIEW BY: Cslrdave Wednesday, November 04, 2009
I have used this on my Fred Bear crossbow for many years without any problems until hunting last week. A long slow stuck put me within 29 yards of a big whitetail. I had raised my bow to take the shot, and no dot appeared. I checked the scope quickly, only to find the battery cap and battery where gone! The whitetail eluded me! I hoe BSA will replace the battery cover and design one that does not vibrate off.
REVIEW BY: Bobby Bellpepper Thursday, May 14, 2009
Great sight! Great value! Played with this sight on a friend's Ruger 10/22, and I was so impressed with the tight group I was able to make on the target that I put one on my 10/22 as well! High quality scope!
REVIEW BY: Paul D Saturday, April 04, 2009
Went to Walmart and purchased this sight and mounted it on a Marlin 980s bolt action. Got it sighted in and found I could use both eyes instead of squinting with one with good results. Fine sight for old eyes. Going to mount one on my Henry lever 22lr. One problem lost a dust cap.
REVIEW BY: Wednesday, January 28, 2009
Great sight. works amazing. very durable. I highly recommend it. Battery last's a really long time.

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